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Advice, facilitation and proven approaches for balanced decision-making, effective leadership, and a focussed implementation of changes planned.

FaciliFacili Services

 Facilitation of critical and strategic meetings, Strategic due diligence and diagnosis, Executive Coaching

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

 Organizational diagnosis and  Strategic Due Diligence

Sometimes you wonder why things don't go as fast/good as you want to. At other moments you want a second opinion to be sure wether a merger or acquisition will bring the advantages you planned for. In most cases it is not only about facts and figures, but about culture, motivation and values as well. I experienced that I got better in seeing the whole picture and in hearing the soft signals over the years. It helps that I have seen a lot of companies form inside and that I understand the world of technicians, financials, marketeers and entrepreneurs. It enables me to help you to find the root cause of wicked problems or give you more assurance and an independent view on challenging situations you encounter .

  Facilitation of strategic meetings and workshops

Looking to get your management team or key staff on the same page again? Planning to have a series of strategic workshops?

Let me help you to design, prepare and moderate your meetings. We will work in tight co-operation to ensure a way off working that fits your organization's culture, your objectives and your (time)budget. I designed, prepared, supervised and facilitated dozens of strategic meetings and strategy workshops in a broad variety of organizations. I am keen on the quality of the process, the 'logic' of the outcomes, and the involvement of the participants. I will advise in tools and models to be used in order to help you and your teams to define clearer visions and to make better decisions.

Sound Boarding and Executive Coaching

It can be lonely at the top! It might help to have an independent experienced sparring partner on a regular basis who reflects on your thoughts, asks other questions and brings in new ideas.

I have been there myself and I have spoken a lot of your colleagues. Managers responsible for tens to hundreds of millions turnover and several hundreds of personnel. Reporting to a mother company at distance, a busy (set) shareholder(s), or to your family because you own the company yourself. 

I'm happy to be that independent sparring partner. We decide together how often and where we meet. In most cases the meetings take place once a month and start around 1600u ending before or after diner.

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