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Who we are

Committed to better performance and growth of customers

FaciliFacili comprises Radboud de Groot and Carla van Mourik, assisted by highly qualified junior and senior professionals selected from their network if appropriate.


Radboud is a seasoned boardroom consultant, facilitator, and manager of professionals. He has been a partner at PwC and Twynstra Gudde. He understands and experienced that change is never easy. Since 1985, he has been helping CEOs and management teams. He helped them to make 'business-wise'  strategic decisions, and to adequately respond to change, in order to let their companies grow stronger, more profitable, and more prepared for future changes and unexpected threats (Corona!).


Carla is a professional organizer and communication professional. Before starting her coaching activities, Carla has been a management secretary, communication manager, and councilor, while managing a household with 3 children herself. In the past 12 years, she has assisted managers and their partners to deal with high workload and distressing backlogs of administrative and logistic processes at home. She knows how to help  professionals and their partners to organize, delegate, and plan the work-life balance (see


We will be delighted to be your sounding board, assess your organization, facilitate your team, or help your managers to organize their personal environment. We are ready to help you and your team develop and execute strategies for not only surviving but growing successfully. We are ready to make your life easier.



Give us a call (+31653720054) today to learn to know each other.



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